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2005 focus zx4 2.0L Duratec with the MTX-75 currently 118k bought at 103k mi
Ok so a little backstory .

so far parts replaced,
Trans fluid twice ,
D side axle
T/o bearing, single mass flywheel and exedy clutch and ores plate from fswerks,
Clutch master three times ?

So about four months ago, sometimes first thing in the morning ( when I first turned the car on) I wasn’t able to get it into any gear. Like I had to turn the car off and put it into R or 1st, and then back on and once I got it going, I could baby it into second and it would be okay. As if the fluid had to warm up. Every once and awhile like once a week it would grind when attempting to go into gear . Then it got more frequent to be doing it once a day . So I told my instructor at my college about it becus I’m apart of the mechanic program and he suggested I could change the trans fluid before anything else. I agreed, so at about 112k I did the trans fluid, everything went smooth. No shavings or metal . Not any noticeable amounts anyway.
But it didn’t fix the problem. So I did some research online and people were suggesting a clutch master cyl. So I did it, and I couldn’t get the damn system to bleed . Towed the car to a shop, they couldn’t figure out why the pedal wouldn’t get any pressure no matter how much they bled the damn thing .
chalked it up as a defective mas cyl. Warrantied it out, bench bled the new one, put it on. System bled right away. Now here’s where it gets weird . It drove great morning and night for about 2k miles with only a tiny grind if I was shifting hard . Thought nothing of it, well one day. I get into the car after work, and turn the car on and when I go to put into gear , it attempts rolling forward on its ownwithout actually going into gear . Same issue I had before
But this time the slave cyl was actually leaking fluid . So I knew what to fix this time . I limped the car home about five miles and was able to baby it into gear and make it home .
i dropped the trans in the grass front yard , swapped a dual mass flywheel for fawerks single mass and exedy clutch, and put everything back together with the cherry on top being another master cyl that was actually fromFord instead of Autozone .
started right up , went right into gear, no issues . Drove it for about 2k miles until maybe, 116k? Until mystery issue number one started
when I’m driving down the road. ONLY AT 3000 RPMs, the car like lunges forward as if it’s trying to jump out of gear and the rpm meterjumps maybe +/- 100 rpms back and forth.
so far o thought nothing of it , beside it being a shift cable , becus the top cable (at the bracket) was popping out and off the bracket cus one day when I put it into R and first it just kept sliding over to either 4th and 3rd, cus the cable was off the bracket completely . So 2 zip ties fixed it . Went to the dealership got a new one, been sitting on my bedroom bed ever since . Just keep the car out of cruising at 3k rpms and so far it’s been fine .
but now we’re at 118k miles, and have just dropped the trans and put a smf and clutch and new fluid all at the same time, and am still having issues ?? I went and put some Godspeed coil overs on the car , well I got stuck with these damn Mazda Godspeed’s because vividracing wouldn’t return them since they sold me them being listed for a focus but didn’t actually fit , I had to swap out the hubs on my car to a 06 focus hub . Well I had a problem with the driver side axle and when I took it out, here’s mystery issue #2 when I took the axle out, there was medal in the fluid that was 2k miles old . I mean metal . Like a swirl of metal if Ispun the bowl. Like I could see the metal shavings. And sorta even the pieces when I drained the bowl .Now keep in mind that it only grinded about 3 of 4 times since the clutch swap? And only when I was driving it harddddd. I’ve never went from d to r faster then backing out of a Peking spot, and it for the most part shifts great. Although lately these last few hundred miles. It’s at 118.8k currently, it’s been rattling when I let out 1st sometimes , could the brand new TO bearing really be bad ? Or is this normal. I can feel a pulse in the clutch pedal when idling at a dead stop. So when I put the axles back in, I went ahead and drained the fluid to get the metal out, put new fluid and it’s been a few hundred miles. Tomorrow I’m going to put new fluid again to see how much shaving actually I made in say 400 miles . And also change out the clutch cable .
Hopefully someone can shed some light on the issue ...
If you need anymore info please ask and I’ll provide . Thank you guys .
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