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I know many of us know each other, but I think it would be a good idea to toss out an introduction for the new people, or people who don't post often. Plus, we might add more volunteers in the future.

Driving From:
# of Focus Rising Events:
Anything Else:

Name: Jason Hodges
Driving From: Claremore, OK
Car: 2003 SVT Focus
Phone: 918-520-8144
# of Focus Rising events: 2014 will be my 5th
Anything else: Since 2005 I have driven all over the US to an annual Focus meet each year, so attending these events is a huge part of what I love. I'm working with Ron to ensure we continue these successful events into the future by bringing all Focus owners together under one name for one passion.

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Name: Bill Scott
Driving From: Fayetteville, NY
Phone # 315 436-4988
Car: Focus ST
# of Focus Rising Events: This will be my third, if you count the first GTG back in 2002 @ Carlisle Import show.
Anything Else: Screen Name on FJ is Bluebyutoo, Shomare on STNation.

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Name: Matt Gagnon
Driving From: Westfield, MA
Phone: 413-427-0944
Car: 2000 Focus Sedan "SVT" thing-a-ma-jig
# of Focus Rising Events: FR14 will be my 3rd
Anything Else: I'm making huge car overhauls a week before Focus Rising a new theme for my car. So this year I'm going to turbo my car and "try" to have it all done and tuned before Cydyldo and I leave :lol:.


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Name: Matthew Cydylo (call me Matt)
Driving From: New Britain or Colchester, CT
Car: Black 2006 ZX4 ST, the one on those stupid Borbets
Phone: (860)949-2209
# of Focus Rising Events: This will be my fifth
Anything Else: I hope to sponsor FR'14 with my business, Keegan|Brock Development. Also, if I get beaten out for lowest static this year after my plans, someone has actually lost their mind and belongs in an asylum.

I'm going to force Matt to turbocharge his car over the winter so I have a proper amount of time to build his goddamned exhaust.

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Name: Ken
Driving From: My Office on a Golf Cart
Car: Whatever Ford gives me
Phone: Not Public, too many other calls during the event
# of Focus Rising Events: LOL!
Anything Else: I run Ford Nationals for those that don't know and started FR years ago to bring together the forums. If I come off as an opinionated ******* it's not you, it's me, I speak what is on my mind.

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Name: Jamie Parton

Driving From: cambridge Ontario

Car: 2007 focus sedan

Phone: 519 841 9578

# of Focus Rising Events: 3 attended

Anything Else: I have pushed my stock duratec to the edge of existence and plan to keep doing it. I am gfxjamie on all forums I am a part of and also have a 2013 focus st. I just wanna go fast and my car is in 1000 pieces right now

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Name: Jeremy Gillings
Driving From: Senoia, GA
Car: probably a white dually, large trailer with a svt or two and a fiesta on it
Phone: 770 823 8950
# of Focus Rising Events: This will be my sixth year in a row.
Anything Else: boost, euro, stanced....i don't know what to put here.

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Name: Karl Weber
Driving From: Dundalk, MD
Car: Sonic Blue 2012 Focus Ti Hatchback
Phone: 443-414-2237
# of Focus Rising Events: This will be my 4th FR event, I helped Ken organize the first FR but had to miss the next two due to conflicting plans.
Anything Else: Potato?
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