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Introducing TQST33R. Chukker's slightly wanton, sorta skanky Duratec DD build.



2006 Ford Focus ZX3 in Dark Toreador Red
2.0L Duratec with built 2.3 head, stock bottom end
Crower Springs/Ti Retainers/Ferrea Super Alloy Valves/ARP Head Studs
2.3 head built by Blood Enterprises in Auburn, WA

Engine Mods
FSWerks Stage 2 Turbo at 12.9 psi 92 Octane
Tuned by Matt Kaiser at Turbo Technology in Tacoma, WA
Garrett GTX2871R with Ceramic Bearings
FSWerks T25 Turbo Manifold
Cosworth Intake Manifold
Turbosmart Eboost Street Electronic Boost Controller
FSWerks Stealth Exhaust
FSWerks 3" Turbo Downpipe
FSWerks Custom FMIC
Siemens 60# Injectors
Innovate Motorsports Wideband and Boost Gauge
VF Engineering Driver Side Engine Mount
VF Engineering Passenger Side Engine Mount
VF Engineering Rear Engine Mount
SVT Degas Cover
SVT HiTone Horn
Powdercoated Valve Cover (body color matched)

Drivetrain Mods
Torsen T2 ATB Differential
Exedy Stage 1 Clutch/Lightweight Flywheel

Suspension/Chassis Mods
H & R Coilover fronts with H & R 60mm 514# Linear Race Springs (180mm FL), FSWerks Camber Plates and Aluminum Top Hats
H & R Coilover rears with H & R 60mm 457# Linear Race Springs (140mmFL), Modified TCKline Motorsport 60mm Upper Spring Hats
H & R Front Swaybar on softer setting + Moog Front Endlinks
SPC Rear Camber Arms
Steeda Rear Swaybar
FSWerks Upper Front Stress Bar
FSWerks Lower Front Stress Bar
FSWerks Rear Stress Bar
Baer Big Brake Kit -- Front 330mm (PBR 2-Piston Calipers, 2pc rotors drilled/slotted)
Baer Big Brake Kit -- Rear 305mm (PBR Calipers, 1pc rotors drilled/slotted)
SVT Steering Rack with Delrin Bushings
SVT Power Steering Pump
Custom Rear Dust Caps

Exterior Mods
Smoothed '05-'07 Front Bumper with custom fog delete inserts
Euro Cupra R Front Lip -- sectioned and smoothed
Custom Upper Badgeless Grille (McMaster-Carr expanded carbon steel mesh) w/Hofele Edition Four badge.
Custom Lower Grille (McMaster-Carr expanded carbon steel mesh)
SVT Rear Spoiler
SVT Side Moldings, SVT Hatch Molding, SVT Door Handles
Euro Rear Bumper with red fogs
Euro Fuel Door with tibbe keys
Euro 'Ghia' Hatch Emblem
Mazda 3 Rear Wiper
Color matched side mirrors, moldings, and door handles
Front fenders rolled and pulled by Nic at NW Fender Rolling
Rear fenders rolled and pulled by Nic at NW Fender Rolling
DIY Shorty Antenna
Glossy Door Pillars and Triangles

Interior Mods
Custom Suede Headliner
Custom Leather Cargo Cover with 'Ghia' stitching
SVT Leather Interior with red inserts
SVT Steering Wheel
SVT Handbrake
SVT Center Console
Custom Auxiliary Gauge Housings for AFR and Boost
Color matched interior trim pieces and handles
ST HVAC Bezel with Aluminized Texture (rare option)
Momo Pedals/Shift Knob
Euro Floor Mats
Euro Door Sill Plates painted matte black
5% Limo Tinted Windows

Lighting Mods
Headlight Revolution S-V.4 9007 LED Bulbs -- properly wired
Euro Taillights -- properly wired with Diode Dynamics Bulbs
Euro Rear fogs -- wired to running lights (this is a non-foglight specced car)
Chrome LED Front Blinkers -- properly wired with Diode Dynamics Bulbs
LED License Plate Illumination -- Diode Dynamics

Team Dynamics PR1.2's HPS with TD Motorsport Le Mans Centercaps
18 x 8 et40 Front
18 x 9 et38 Rear
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S' in:
225/40/18 Front
235/40/18 Rear

Random Stuff
Focal Speakers
Alpine Sub Enclosure
Kenwood Head Unit
Instrument Cluster with factory tach


Thanks for checking in!!!

harem by Charles Shamseldin, on Flickr

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Come on! This is just not fair LOL! This this is going to be sweet!

I change diapers now
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Good lord.

I love it.

- Drew

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^^^^ Again, thanks guys :wub:

Come on! This is just not fair LOL! This this is going to be sweet!
Thanks Kashus!

Looks awesome!!!
Thank you! I am envious of your ST's gorgeous paint!

Good lord.

I love it.

- Drew
Thanks a bunch Drew, I knew you'd approve :)

Very cool :)
Thank you Steve! I still have that PM saved about the vertical moldings, just haven't got around to it yet.

I will be watching this! How do you like the rear wiper mod?
It looks great, works great, and costs half as much as the euro one I bought from Sascha (you know... :lol:)

Here is what I've been working on today:

Color matched the 'momo' logos and the indents on the shift knob to better match the red inserts in the interior:

^ Sorry so dirty, plus the flash is washing out the color. Looks better in person.

Here's the front LED blinkers lit:

^ Looks great IMO, and then when not lit the lens face is fully chrome. Me likey.

Lastly, here is what I'm doing to the TD's that this car will be inheriting:

^ Should match the Rays black lugs real nice. I'm doing more creative little touches on this car than I ever did on the grey car which I went with a more stoic and conservative 'factory euro' look. It's nice to break out and try **** with no consequences. It's a DD after all. Hell, I'm sure when I'm all done with her there will be a few of you that will like this car better. I know better though :p

Ok, gonna put my head down now and finish the other three wheels :lol: what a PITA.

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^ I bought these damn things around 6 months ago when they were just coming onto the market. The brand and model escapes me at the moment but I can find out for you if you are interested. Added the proper resistor as LED's draw very little current, and voila. (I think) a spectacular looking and functioning mod that really cleans up the '05-'07 headlights.
They look much better all chrome. No crack and black for me thank you.
The weird thing is, there were several LED's available when I was discussing options with my installer and we waited and opted for these because they extended quite far 'out' into the housing to get really good reflections and dispersion.

Potato Camera Operator
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I agree that a crack/black wouldn't be the right choice with this car.

I like your plans. Just make sure you get this thing as close to the ground as you can, I want to see a car properly decked over a set of TD 18s with some sweet aero. Between all of that and the MK1.5 front end, this could look like a BTCC car.

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aww **** this gonna be good

Glad to see a MK1.5 getting some love!

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I agree that a crack/black wouldn't be the right choice with this car.

I like your plans. Just make sure you get this thing as close to the ground as you can, I want to see a car properly decked over a set of TD 18s with some sweet aero. Between all of that and the MK1.5 front end, this could look like a BTCC car.
Btcc car is what came to my mind too lol
Matt, Kashus I'm in total agreement. Just got off the phone with my body guy and it looks like he has jimy's bumper (it'll always be his, I'm just a steward) taken apart. He's doing some smoothing and the FS lip needs some repair. Also, the splitter needs to be hammered back into shape and contoured.
For those that don't know what the hell I'm talking about, here is the bumper before it was sent off:

Also, I just got done with this simple mod:
I've decided against front fogs on this car and did some aero work to the fog delete inserts. Here is a shot of one before modification:

And after some careful grinding and sanding:

That should get some additional air to the brakes as the splitter extends back quite far and the natural path should push it out through the brakes. I'm not an aerodynamicist so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

If anyone else wants to do this mod all you need to do is cut off the longer mounting arm with a hacksaw and use a grinding wheel until the 'windows' are clear. Deburr the edges with some sandpaper and voila, a killer looking and functional mod.
NOTE: make sure to not grind off the locating tab shown here:

You really only need the shorter mounting arm and the locating tab to secure this very light piece in the bumper. If necessary, a hidden piece of double back tape or velcro would secure the side you lopped the longer mounting arm off of. If you are super anal and want to keep that arm, some plastic weld and some reinforcement will be necessary to reattach it.

Got all the wheels done:

^Again, sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

Here's a mock up of the front wheel/tire/brake set up:

^Obviously the caliper is in a little too far towards the hub but I didn't want it to come off and land on my foot.

if you could that would be great! it definitely cleans up the headlights. i like it.
The name of the company that produces the LED's is Putco. The part number for the LED blinkers is: 234157A (you'll need two obviously), and the part number for the resistor kit is 230004A (you'll need two resistor kits per side). Hope this helps.

In any case, that is all for now; a lot more stuff is on the way!

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can't wait to see the end result. definitely a fun DD!

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Updated first post with new chassis data. '00-'04 H & R coilovers with a Massive Omni kit, H & R front bar on softer setting + Moog endlinks, Steeda rear bar, FSWerks upper front stress bar, FSWerks lower front stress bar, FSWerks rear stress bar, and Eibach rear camber bolts. Alignment is to factory spec. I would like a bit more additional negative camber out back but it appears I need some camber arms to properly do the job.
Sorry these pics are so crappy but I haven't picked up my car from Blood Enterprises yet -- I'll post some better pics on Monday when I get the car.

Here is the front Baer kit installed:

^I'll be painting that shiny out of place bolt in the caliper as soon as I get the car back; we had to use a longer bolt for some reason.

Here is the rear Baer kit installed:

^Car should pirouette on a dime now; can't wait to get the Torsen in to fully take advantage of the sort3d chassis.
The 18" TD 1.2's will be going on as soon as I get the rear fenders rolled, these 5zigen knockoffs will get some dedicated winter tires next year as they are very light.

Had a nice long chat with my body guy today and he is nearly done with jimy's bumper; can't wait to see how it turned out.
Car gets dropped off at the body shop on Tuesday for all of the body mods; we expect a two week turnaround to get everything done and then he's going to color sand the car and buff it to perfection.

I will make sure to post more detailed pics on Monday when I get the car back!


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^Thanks Sam :wub:

Anyhoos, super quick update as I just picked the car up; car handles like a dream -- not as tight and precise as my '04 but I forgot just how comfortable H & R coilovers are as a daily driver suspension. Had the back end drifting just a bit on some wet pavement tonight and it felt easily controlled with lift off or a dab of the brakes.

Here's the new ride height (rears all the way down and the fronts damn well nearly all the way up wtf H & R :lol:)
Nice bit of rake from front to rear

^Sorry about the crappy pics, it was already around 6pm when I picked up the car and it's been pissing rain here in Seattle

Here's a shot of the front brakes, yes I know the lettering came out pink instead of red in the 'light' of day :what:
Will be addressing this at the body shop; the 'Baer' lettering will be body color next time you see it

Here's a shot of the drivers' rear and the Baer rear brake kit. Had the rear fenders rolled and pulled slightly

^I need a bit of hammer/dolly work and some sanding/feathering along the bottom edge to smooth out this fender, but it'll look great when it's done. On an upside, no rubbing whatsoever out back now. I plan on driving this car really hard.
Rear needs camber arms. I only have 1 degree of negative camber on the drivers' side. I'd like around 2 and a half or so.

The passenger side rear fender came out a bit better, prolly will leave that one alone

Rear Baer kit looks killer

Here's all the goodies going to the body shop with me tomorrow:

And more goodies:

I know, sort of a boring update but Rome wasn't built in a day. Should have all the body mods done within 2 weeks. Will update then.

And then... boost...

Stay tuned ;)
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