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Generic new member thread.

Hello all,
my 04's 200,000 mile old zetec leaks from somewhere below the intake and above the oil pan (which is stuck on like glue, with two of the bolts stripped out)
She's also got an occasional high pitch whine coming from her front left tire, which persists without engine running. I'm told this may indicate wheel bearings.
Then there's the more minor things, no horn or AC, squeaky heater fans, Center console clip busted, e-brake light likes to turn on for no reason, busted off and screwed in right mirror, trunk latch wants only works half the time, busted antenna, cloudy headlights, and a peice of trim trying to come off the driver door.

Her name is Fly, and Despite all this I love her, she's my first with four wheels and a manual transmission. I'd like to fix her up and do crazy things to her, with knowledge, and money the limiting reatants which I seek to increase. I'm gathering this is a good place for the former.
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