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The following are the Focaljet Guidelines presented in a FAQ format. As we continue to grow it is essential that we provide these guidelines to promote a professional atmosphere for our members and sponsors.

The Focaljet community is made up of a diverse group of people. Please respect your fellow members. These guidelines are presented to provide a common ground between all members. The guidelines, and appropriate action, will be interpreted by the moderators to the best of their abilities. Actions of the moderators are open to appeal if dealt with via proper channels. If you have an issue with any moderator decision please report it via email to: [email protected]. Submissions will be reviewed by Focaljet Staff, and decisions of the Staff are final. These guidelines are to be considered an addendum to the Terms of Use that all members must agree to via a submit button when registering to participate on the discussion board.


What can I post, or not post, on the discussion forums?

The discussion forums exist to discuss topics related to the Ford Focus. An Off Topic forum is provided for other items that may be of interest to forum members (i.e. movies, music, etc.).

The following is a list of items that are absolutely not tolerated. Violation of these will result in IMMEDIATE banning of your account:
  • Pornography (this includes providing links)
  • Profanity/Extremely vulgar language. DO NOT bypass the swear filters.
  • Posts made attacking any particular race, gender, religion or sexual orientation
  • Flaming (posts made to deliberately incite or perpetuate a conflict or argument)
  • Personal attacks on fellow members
  • DO NOT "call people out". If you have a personal issue with someone contact them via Private Message (PM) or email
  • Spam (commercial solicitation from non-sponsoring entities)
  • Forum bombing (aka post whoring), making pointless posts
  • Discussion of illegal activities including, but not limited to, street racing, drug use, or swapping of copyrighted material (MP3s, Movies, Software, etc.)
  • Posting of links that are deliberately meant to crash computers or provide an uninterruptable number of pop-up windows
Any topic that is deemed objectionable by the majority of the community may be closed and/or deleted.

Main Guidelines

The following list are considered main guidelines and should be observed at all times:
  • Email Address
    • You must provide a valid email address so that you can be reached by forum moderators or administrators
  • Signatures

    • Signatures cannot exceed 6 lines in total (this includes blank lines, line breaks, and any usage of quotes and quote tags)
    • No images and/or graphics are allowed in signatures
    • No commercial advertisements or commercial links and/or email addresses are allowed unless you are a site sponsor
  • Avatars

    • If you do NOT want to view avatars at all, then follow these simple instructions to ensure they are turned off.
      This will keep keep [FJ] appearing to you just like it did before avatars were added.
    • No animated avatars. Only static jpg images allowed.
    • Follow the Focaljet Guidelines when choosing your avatar.
      If it something doesn't meet the guidelines for posting in a thread, then it won't for work for an avatar either.
    • All avatars are subject to review/removal per admin discretion.
  • Images

    • Observe all copyright laws when posting material. NOTE: DO NOT post images that are copyrighted by Brenda Priddy & Company. If you use material from another web site, please give that site/person appropriate credit.
    • No images and/or graphics are allowed in signatures
    • Additional information on posting and hosting images can be viewed in our Team Rigz section
    • Forum Guidelines also apply to the content of the images. If the images you are posting are not-work-safe (NWS) or deemed inapporpriate, they will be removed.
  • NO RICK-ROLLING. Do not post a link to a Rick Roll video, or any other links that take a member to something other than what is implied in the thread.
  • No SHOUTING (i.e. Don't use all capital letters when posting)
  • Try to post to the forum that is most appropriate for the topic being presented. If you DO post in the wrong forum, please inform an administrator or moderator. Otherwise, expect your post to be moved to the appropriate section. Please DO NOT start a "where did my thread go?" thread.
  • No cross-posting (posting links in one FJ forum to a thread in another FJ forum). Please note an trial exception is being made for new members posting in the Welcome To The Jet section and linking to their rides in Team Rigz.
  • Please limit the use of cr3ative spell1ng. It is difficult to read.
  • Respect the privacy of other forum members and individuals. Do not post personal information about them (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.).
  • No buying, selling, or trading outside of the Classifieds Forum (additional information regarding FocalJet Classifieds is shown below)
  • Sponsors that do not follow the rules run the risk of having their sponsorship terminated and the balance of their sponsorship fee refunded
  • DO NOT post messages that violate Federal, State, Provincial or Local laws which include, but are not limited to, anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or is bound by a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
  • DO NOT impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself
  • DO NOT post under various screen names
  • Respect forum moderators and administrators. It is a thankless job and cleaning up other peoples' messes is never fun.
  • DO NOT make a thread asking why a post was locked. Contact the moderator of that forum directly via PM or email.
  • If you feel a post is inappropriate please use the "Whistle Blower" feature that is available on every post. Please do not use overuse this feature. You may also send the moderators or administrators a Private Message to notify them of inapporpriate posts.
  • Please do not use the forums for personal messages. We encourage you to use Private Messaging, email, or instant messaging for such matters.
  • No In Before The Lock (IBTL) posts
  • Please do not intentionally REPOST material. If you see a repost please provide a link to the original thread and alert a moderator to lock the thread.
FocalJet Classifieds (Buying and/or Sellling)

By posting in the Classifieds forum you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the following rules/disclaimer:

By using these forums to Buy/Sell/Trade you doing so at your own risk. There is no guarantee made to the legitimacy of the offers contained in this, or any other forum, on this web site. Please use caution when dealing with other people, especially those that you are not familiar with. We suggest the use of escrow services for items of high value. By using this forum you agree that, it's owners, agents, et al. will not be held liable in any way shape or form regarding any transactions stemming from use of this site/forum. By using this forum to facilitate transactions you allow us to provide information you provided at registration, including your email address, to parties who contact us in the event that they are unable to contact you via the forum's private messaging (PM) system. These rules are subject to revision at any time.


Membership Duration Required:
You must have been a member for a minimum of 30 days, in order to place a For Sale ad here. We consider the ability to post an ad a privilege extended to our active members, and believe this rule helps to prevent scammers from signing up simply to take advantage of people. This rule is non-negotiable. If you ignore this guideline and post items for sale outside of the Classifieds forum while under the 30 days, you could lose access to the Classifieds forums completely, or your Focaljet membership could be removed.

If You Need Some Help:
If you find you are having a problem during the transaction with either the seller or buyer, or if your thread is in need of moderation please contact a Classifieds Moderator or [FJ] Admin to get some assistance. We can make no guarantees for resolving every issue, but we will do what we can to help. If someone turns out to be a scammer, the sooner we can put a stop to their activities here the safer it will be for everyone else.

We reserve the right to delete any ad, at any time, for any reason. We also reserve the right to remove anyone's access to the Classified forums at any time for not following these rules.

Mandatory Rules are posted as an announcement in the Classifieds Section. Once you have attained the conditions noted above and wish to place a Classifieds ad, please take time to review them to ensure the best experience.

Objectionable Material

How is objectionable material dealt with?

Threads and/or posts that violate the above guidelines will be reviewed by moderators and/or administrators and appropriate action will be taken.

The objectionable post/thread may be locked or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

Reporting Objectionable Material

Threads or posts may be reported to the forum moderators via the "Report Bad Post" link under each member that posts in a thread. It is denoted by an "( R )" below each poster's screen name, located on the left of your screen.

Threads that prove to be objectionable to several members of the community may be "voted" closed. This is accomplished when 6 members post their desire to have the thread locked or deleted.

Use of Focaljet Resources

The site and discussion boards are privately owned and operated. Please do not use our resources for anything other than their intended use(s). This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Using copyrighted-protected images without providing proper credit(s)
  • Probing of our server and its contents is strictly prohibited*
  • False/extreme loading of our site or server is strictly prohibited*
* Our log files are routinely scanned for irregular activity and we will pursue legal action regarding any illegal use of our network.


What is banning?

When a member violates one of the site guidelines their account is disabled for a certain period of time, depending on the infraction.

What are the time periods for banning?

Banning falls into 2 categories:
  • Minor Infraction - One (1) week
  • Major Infraction - PermaBan (your account is permanently deleted)
What constitutes a PermaBan?
  • Violating one of the major infractions listed above
  • Three (3) minor violations of the SAME infraction (habitual offender)
  • Posting under an alias while on a one (1) week ban


Your agreement to the forum registration and use of the discussion forums constitutes acknowledgement of all posted Rules, Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). RPMD Inc. and are not responsible for the validity of any post made in any forum on the site. RPMD Inc. and do not make any warranty or guarantee in regards to any post made by any individual or company posting in any forum on the site, including registered members, guests, volunteer staff and advertisers (sponsors). Use of these forums and any interaction or transaction is the sole responsibility of the individual user and/or company. By using the forums you understand that RPMD Inc. and are not liable in regards to any interaction or transaction and shall be held harmless involving any claim related to, or stemming from, interactions or transactions conducted or facilitated by this web site ( and/or forums.

These guidelines are open to future revision(s).

Version 1.1 - Originally posted 12/31/03
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