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Saw this 1970 Excalibur Series 2 listing on Hemmings.

From the ad, "Rare and desirable SS Roadster model", "1 of only 11 produced" and "Factory correct 350 V-8 engine and 3-Speed automatic transmission". Does that mean it isn't the original small block that the donor chassis came with? Also "this investment-grade SS Roadster is its factory build sheets and test records from Excalibur, original brochure, and much more." Factory build sheet, on a kit car? Yeah, that's important. I'm sure if that wasn't present, it wouldn't be worth $69,900, probably only 2/3 or 1/2 of that. :rolleyes:

Much better than a Pinto or Beetle based kit. Still has Beetle taillights, bolt on wire wheels and dual exhaust. Yeah, the original SS had those.

And I'm sure there's a market for these. Somewhere.
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