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Hi all,

I was an owner of a new 05 Focus ZX4 waaay back in 05, and was a proud member of either this community or the "other" guys. Too much time has passed to even remember my password or my exact username, so I decided to create a new (and probably more age appropriate) username.

Long story long, I had a 2.0 Duratec that had a Steeda SRI, Magnaflow cat-back, Eibach Sportlines, SVT brakes up front, and some interior goodies. I loved the heck out of that car, but ended up trading it in after 2 years.

My cheapskate company is getting rid of our company cars, but luckily my buddy is going to sell me an 03 with a 2.3 PZEV 5spd with only 130k for $500! My plans for this one is a mild build, with hopefully a 2.5 budget swap in the works.

I've leaned heavily on this community for information and inspiration in the past and I always get the warm and fuzzies being here, ya'll rock! :rock:
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