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Hi. We have a 2009 SES with 75K on it.

This morning I went to turn it over and when I put the key in and turned the ignition on all I am getting is a series of constant clicking. This can be heard clearly in the cabin of the car, seemingly from the dash area, and less so in the engine bay though it is still audible. This continues, even when I don't have the key in the ignition. Hook up the battery, and we have the problem. Car was running fine yesterday. When the key is in, lights on the dash lit up are only two, the anti-theft and the seat belt yellow symbol. I also see lights on the front of the car cycling quickly along with this clicking noise.

Battery appears to be good, charged it and it did not take but 20 minutes for the charge indicator to go green. Are there any other easy to rule out probable causes for this behavior? If it's a electrical problem, unless it is an easy to replace item, it may need to be towed for service. Thanks in advance.

Friend of mine thinks main relay or ignition switch.
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